How to Make Your Partner Happy in Bed.

Sex is an important part of marriage. Each partner needs to commit to one another each day, and one way that love is expressed is within lovemaking. While ordinary sex may be enough for a while, both you and your husband will probably want to try something else later on. When you get the feeling that he is not satisfied, it is time to spice things up. here is how you make your husband happy in bed at any phase of your relationships.
Step 1
Initiate sexual contact. Massage his body, and touch him sexually. Rub his balls, and play with his **** to arouse the sensations. Then ask him what he wants you to do to him. Ask for specifics. Be lovingly demanding. It will make him want to please you.
Step 2
Dress up. Put on something sexy. Dab your body with body glitter, perfume or edible treats. There are lots of sexy treats that can be stuck to your body. You can find these at Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood. Wear some lingerie, put some make-up on and do your hair.
Step 3
Surprise him. Do something completely out of the ordinary. Take him somewhere unexpected, and make love when he is least expecting to get pleasure.
Step 4
Turn out all the lights in the house, light some candles and leave sticky notes as a code. Let it lead him to you. You should be naked in a bubble bath with two glasses of wine, and you should be ready to act out a fantasy that he has mentioned before.
Step 5
Pretend like it's your first time. Set the scene for your first time. There's something dangerous and sexy about having sex for the first time with someone. If it was in a car as teenagers, make love in a car again. It may be more difficult, but that will add to the fun and excitement of the sex itself.
Step 6
Relax. Massage your husband regularly, and focus on mutual relaxation. A lot of couples get to a point where they treat sex like a chore. Don't let it get to this point. It should be an enjoyable experience that brings you and your husband closer together. Enjoy one another, and have fun in this exploration.